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Digital LED Temperature Humidity Monitor Weather Forecast LED Table Alarm Clock

Digital LED Temperature Humidity Monitor Weather Forecast LED Table Alarm Clock

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Advantages compared to cell phones

【Temperature Weather Station】-- More accurate forecasting of weather forecasts and temperature trends for your residence.

It displays real-time temperature and humidity readings, allowing you to stay informed about the current weather conditions.The temperature and humidity readings have been consistently reliable, providing you with the confidence to plan your day accordingly.The weather data on your phone only shows the average local temperature.

【LCD Display】-- Colorful and eye-pleasing display for easy reading.

The color-coded display makes it effortless to understand the information at a glance.No need to stare at the tiny phone screen to check the temperature.

【Clock】-- Clock display, Can be used as an alarm clock, free to adjust the time.

This clock does a great job as a backup alarm, just in case you hits the snooze button too much. The alarm is loud enough to wake me up, yet not overly intrusive.

【Set by Yourself】-- Show you time, date, month and week, and you can set time, date, month, year by yourself.

Setting the clock up was pretty straightforward and you had no issue with the process.

【Multi Function】-- With alarm, snooze function, weather, comfort level, temperature trend indication, really practical.

This device is not just an alarm clock but also a comprehensive weather station that provides accurate temperature and humidity readings.The color screen display is vibrant and easy to read, allowing me to quickly check the current weather conditions at a glance. The temperature and humidity readings are accurate and reliable, helping me plan my day accordingly. One of the standout features of this weather station is its sound-controlled electronic alarm clock. It detects ambient noise levels and adjusts the display brightness accordingly, providing a pleasant and convenient user experience, especially during the night.



1. When using a data cable, the backlight is always on. When using the battery, the wake-up screen backlight is on for about 8s and automatically turns off. When the product is connected to the data cable, the battery immediately stops supplying power. 

2. The indoor temperature and humidity are sensed. The weather forecast is also based on the indoor temperature and humidity analysis. The data may have errors and are for reference only.

3. Temperature and humidity measurement range:(measurement will have errors)Temperature:0 ° C-50 ° C Humidity:20% -99%Product automatically detects temperature and humidity once in about 60s





Temperature Measuring Range:0~50°C 

Measuring Range:20%-99%RH

Power Supply:2 * 1.5V AAA Batteries(Not included)

Item Size:15.4*11.8*3.7CM / 6 * 4.6 * 1.4in

Item Weight:198.3g

Package includes:1 * Temperature & Humidity Clock & 1*usb charging cable

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Digital LED Temperature Humidity Monitor Weather Forecast LED Table Alarm Clock