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Non-invasive blood glucose test smart watch

Non-invasive blood glucose test smart watch

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24-hour heart rate monitoring
Real-time heart rate monitoring in 24 hours once set up, you will be notified when your heart rate is abnormal, too fast or too slow, or when your heartbeat is irregular

Heart Rate Variability Monitoring Function
Heart Rate Variability(HRV) is the change in the interval between pulses. lt reflects the activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and is an important indicator of the ability to regulate the cardiovascular system, which is closely related to cardiovascular disease and sudden death

Sleep Monitoring
Collecting data reflecting sleep quality, such as breathing rate and heart rate. Monitoring sleep duration, times to fall asleep, number of awakenings, and light/deep sleep. Provide comprehensive sleep support.

Real-time blood oxygen monitoring
Once sleep apnea occurs, the body is unable to get oxygen. If the state of insufficient oxygen in the blood continues, the burden on the heart will increase and it will increase the risk of myocardial infarction stroke, etc. Oxygen saturation is measured continuously from 0 to 7and if it is too low, a vibration from the watch will warn you.

Blood pressure test
Put on the smartwatch and select "Blood Pressure" in the menu to easily test your blood pressure

A variety of dial styles
You can freely change the dial with your daily mood, you can also set your favorite picture as the dial



Package include: 1 x Non-invasive blood glucose test smart watch

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Non-invasive blood glucose test smart watch