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Dual-function straightening and curling hair iron

Dual-function straightening and curling hair iron

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Dual-Function Straightening and Curling Hair Iron, a versatile styling tool that allows you to effortlessly create various hairstyles. With its two functions of straightening and curling, this hair iron offers convenience and flexibility to switch between different styles with just one click.


Two functions - Featuring a straight hair mode and a curl hair mode, this hair iron caters to your styling needs. Whether you want sleek and smooth straight hair or bouncy, glamorous curls, this tool has got you covered. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with different looks and express your personal style.

Protect hair & Quickly heat up - The hair iron is designed with a ceramic glaze coating and PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) material. The ceramic glaze coating protects your hair from excessive heat damage while shaping, ensuring that your hair stays healthy and lustrous. The PTC material allows the iron to heat up quickly and evenly, providing consistent heat distribution for efficient styling.

Wet and dry dual-use - This hair iron offers the convenience for both dry and wet hair. It is equipped with 16 air vents and features anti-scalding treatment at the front end, ensuring safety during use. The air vents promote airflow, reducing drying time for wet hair and minimizing heat exposure to protect your hair from unnecessary damage.

Secure pinch force - The clamp of the hair iron is designed to provide a secure pinch force on your hair. It applies moderate tension, allowing the iron to firmly hold the hair without any effort on your part. Say goodbye to broken strands and enjoy smooth and flawless styling results.

Fast and long-lasting styling - With its quick heat-up time, you can create a beautiful hairstyle in just 5 minutes. The long-lasting effects will keep your hair looking fabulous throughout the day. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or simply want to elevate your everyday look, this hair iron delivers salon-quality results in no time.


Diameter of thermal conductor: below 15mm

Product category: curly and straightened hair

Material of heat conductor: Tourmaline ceramic

Rated power: 45W

Color: pink, gold

Rated voltage: 220V

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Dual-function straightening and curling hair iron