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Downspout Odor & Overflow Resistant Floor Drain Fitting

Downspout Odor & Overflow Resistant Floor Drain Fitting

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Safeguard your home against unpleasant odors and messy overflows with our Downspout Odor and Overflow Resistant Floor Drain Fitting. Designed to provide efficient drainage and prevent clogs, this fitting ensures a clean and odor-free environment in any space.


ODOR PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY: The drain fitting features a specialized design that effectively traps odors, preventing them from entering your living space. Enjoy a fresh and odor-free environment, even as water flows through the drain.

OVERFLOW PROTECTION: Designed with a built-in overflow feature, this fitting ensures that excess water is properly managed. It prevents flooding and water damage by diverting overflow to the appropriate outlet, maintaining the integrity of your drainage system.

EASY INSTALLATION: The drain fitting is designed for hassle-free installation and compatibility with standard downspouts. Simply connect it to your existing drainage system, and experience enhanced performance right away.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from high-quality materials, this drain fitting is built to withstand the demands of regular usage. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting durability, providing you with reliable drainage functionality for years to come.

VERSATILE APPLICATION: This floor drain fitting is suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications, including basements, laundry rooms, garages, and more. It effectively manages water flow, preventing clogs and maintaining a clean and efficient drainage system.


Type: Downspout Odor & Overflow Resistant Floor Drain Fitting

Product Material: ABS + High Quality Silicone

Product Function: Anti-insect/ Anti-odor/ Anti-spill water

Applicable Scenes: Washing Machine, Mop Sink, Basin, Sink

Size: As Shown


1*Downspout Odor & Overflow Resistant Floor Drain Fitting


Follow the provided instructions carefully during installation and clean the drain fitting periodically to prevent debris buildup.


Consult a professional plumber if you have specific concerns or require assistance with installation or maintenance.

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Downspout Odor & Overflow Resistant Floor Drain Fitting