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All-in-One Dugout Grinder Container

All-in-One Dugout Grinder Container

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Light up effortlessly!

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Get all the tools you need for great sound in the All-in-One Dugout Grinder Container. This clever tool is a conveniently combined shooter, storage box and grinder for your herbs. Light up anytime, anywhere!


  • All-in-One Convenience – A conveniently combined container and grinder for your herbs.
  • Strong Magnet – Uses strong magnets to stay securely locked and prevents accidental spills.
  • Keeps Fresh – Perfectly stores herbs as it blocks UV rays and keeps them fresh.
  • No Smell – Its airtight seal and non-absorbent material prevent the herb’s scent from leaking or leaking out.
  • Travel Size – Convenient palm size makes it easy to store, carry and use wherever you want.
  • Best Quality – Durably made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy providing reliable, long-term use.

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All-in-One Dugout Grinder Container