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Multifunctional Rechargeable Laser Flashlight

Multifunctional Rechargeable Laser Flashlight

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Most powerful highest lumen!
Hight lumen+ strobe+3 modes multi-purpose flashlight zoomable convex lens that can adjust for wide coverage lighting or a spot beam. Help clean out drains, provided light during a blackout. Focused light is a huge help when working underneath truck or need to shine some light on the area you’re trying to repair. A great all-purpose flashlight for any family to have around the house

3 different settings make it essential for all light situations. A powerful High-beam, energy-saving & less dazzling Low-beam, high-visibility emergency Strobe. This High Power Flashlight Is Suitable For Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Running, Cycling, Power Failure, Emergency, Directional Search And General Household Use

The bezel will break glass or adjust an attitude, the texturing on the light grip is very well done and deep for no-slip grip,IPX55 IPX rating Splashproof, like most hight power flashlight, get hot fast, but it is normal, not a quality problem

USB Rechargeable & Fast Charge
The rechargeable flashlight has a built-in USB input and output port and comes with a USB charging cable. It can be charged via adapters, mobile devices, laptops and other devices with a USB output port. The charging time is about 3~4 hours, and the longest running time can reach 12 hours. This LED flashlight has a charging indicator, the red indicator is on when charging, and the indicator turns green when fully charged, reminding you to charge in time.

Waterproof & High Durable
This waterproof flashlight is IPX55 waterproof and comes with a dust cover, perfect for waterproof and dustproof. The LED flashlight is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is hardened and anodized. The handle has anti-slip stripes and tail rope design for a firm grip. Very durable, High strength pressure-resistant makes the handheld flashlight will not damage even if the truck presses over its body. Its high performance gives you a sense of security.

Multiple Uses
This handheld flashlight is ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold and comes with a lanyard for easy portability. Can be widely used in many occasions: night walking, camping, hiking, outdoor adventure etc.

Advanced Appearance & Quality Material

Extremely textured aluminum alloy frosted appearance, bringing you a delicate touch. Use RoHS-certified materials that are non-polluting to the environment. No painting process to avoid bumps and abrasion, creating a simple matte design. Aluminum shell surface treated with anodic oxidization, anti-sweat, and anti-corrosion. The grip size conforms to the principle of body mechanics, making users feel flexible and stress-free.The push-type multi-functional spring hook is easy to carry and suitable for multiple scenes, freeing your hands.


Waterproof: life level waterproof

Main Lighting Mode: High/Medium/Strobe Flashing/Sidelight mode.

Material: Aeronautica Aluminum Alloy

Charging time: 3 hours.

Use time: 4-10 hours,it depends on whether you use a strong light mode or general mode

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Multifunctional Rechargeable Laser Flashlight