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Diamond Polishing Cone Head for Drill

Diamond Polishing Cone Head for Drill

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Ball shape diamond bits is made of premium diamond particles and metal, more durable and well polish balanced. No wear out after a long time use.

Widly used
Diamond bur set great for grinding and carving for field stone,ceramics,glass, carbide,tile,marble,jewlry, rock etc.

This diamond burr very highly recommended for crafts, hobbies, home repair, jewelry,lapidary use, modeling, and so much more.

Easy to use
Suit for M10 grinder.

Diamond raw materials
This product uses diamond raw material particles with high hardness, which makes grinding faster, more wear-resistant, and has a longer service life. It will not drop slag or burn the surface of the workpiece.

Integrated stamping type
It is not easy to deform or break and is safe and worry-free to use. The polishing is very smooth, which can effectively improve work efficiency.

Matrix encryption
This product is polished sharp, more durable, and can improve work efficiency.

Suitable for a variety of machines
This product is suitable for a variety of machines and can be used for grinding electric grinders and hand drills. It adopts a universal round handle, which is tough and not easy to break, shockproof, and easy to clamp with machines. It can be used for metallurgy or for grinding and polishing in the mechanical industry.

Material: Diamond
Diameter: 30/40/50mm

Range of application: cast iron, stone

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Diamond Polishing Cone Head for Drill