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Protein Correcting Hair Straightening Cream

Protein Correcting Hair Straightening Cream

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Do you have these problems with your hair?

Protein Correcting Hair Straightening Cream is a lightweight, non-greasy formula designed to smooth and straighten hair while providing essential nutrients. Its unique protein-enriched formula helps to repair and strengthen hair, leaving it soft and manageable. This cream works to protect hair from heat damage while also providing long-lasting straightening. Its blend of natural ingredients helps to nourish and protect hair, leaving it looking and feeling healthy. This cream is perfect for those looking to smooth and straighten their hair without the use of harsh chemicals.




Gentle & Safe - Protein Correcting hair straightening cream gentle ingredients that won't damage your hair, protect your hair while straightening, use mild ingredients that won't damage your hair. Our Hair Straightening Cream smells fresh and is safe to use.

Protein Correcting Hair Straightening Cream - Protein correcting hair straightening cream made with active nourishing ingredients such as citric acid, glycerin, plant extracts. Hair Straightening Cream make frizzy, curly or wavy hair completely straight while maintaining hair health.

Suitable for All Hair Types - It is suitable for all hair types, especially for curly and damaged hair, protein hair straightener cream can strengthen hair elasticity and smooth dry hair.

Instant Hair Straightening - Without the use of harmful heated hair straightener or expensive salon visits, it is specially formulated for turning thick, curly, and unruly hair into silky straight hair in 10 minutes.


Easy to Use:

1. Before use, rinse the hair with shampoo, wipe until half dry, and thoroughly comb it smooth.

2. Apply the product evenly to the hair and calculate the straighten hair time based on different hair types. Healthy hair for 20-30 minutes, damaged hair for 10-20 minutes.

3. Rinse the hair with clean water.


Name: Protein Correcting Hair Straightening Cream

Content: 60ml/180ml

Shelf life: 3 years

Efficacy: Improve hair quality, moisturize, and supplement nutrients

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Protein Correcting Hair Straightening Cream