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Tough Steel Shovel for Ice Removal & Digging

Tough Steel Shovel for Ice Removal & Digging

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Thicker And Heartier Than What You Find In Ordinary Shovels

Consistent Sharp Performance

Crafted From Durable Carbon Steel, Can Withstand Harsh Conditions And Heavy Use


THICKENED CARBON STEEL - This added thickness enhances its strength and durability. It will not bend, warp, or break under pressure, can withstand the toughest conditions and heavy use.

STURDY SHARP BLADE - It undergoes a carefully controlled heat treatment process that enhances hardness and resistance to wear. Then, it is tempered to achieve a balance between hardness and toughness. So the blade maintains its shape and sharpness over time without frequent replacement.

LABOR-SAVING - There is a flat step integrated into the shovel head that you can use your foot to apply additional pressure when digging or breaking through tough ice and snow.

VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY - Whether you're planting, preparing soil, or tackling landscaping projects, the shovel head excels at digging tasks. It simplifies tasks like removing unwanted plants, leveling surfaces, and digging foundations.


Material: Carbon Steel

Function: Breaking ice and removing snow, Trenching, edging, digging, gardening, cutting hard soil

Head: Flat Head / Serrated Head


1 * Tough Steel Shovel


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Tough Steel Shovel for Ice Removal & Digging