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Waterproof Dust Collection Bag for Drilling

Waterproof Dust Collection Bag for Drilling

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EFFECTIVE DUST CONTROL: When using a hammer drill or water drill indoors, this dust collection bag effectively controls dust and debris, preventing it from spreading and protecting your indoor environment. It ensures cleanliness and boosts work efficiency.

THICKENED AND WATERPROOF: Made from thickened, waterproof material, this bag is designed to prevent leaks and spills. It provides robust containment, ensuring that dust, debris, and moisture are securely captured during drilling, keeping your workspace clean and dry.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The dust collection bag is lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for on-the-go projects. Its disposable nature allows for easy disposal after use.

EASY TO USE: It fits most standard drills, ensuring wide compatibility and ease of use. Just stick it on the wall, and it will effectively collect dust and debris as you work.


Material: Plastic

Size: 50*20cm

Color: Transparent

Package includes: 100 * Waterproof Dust Collection Bag for Drilling


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Waterproof Dust Collection Bag for Drilling